Excessive Eating Is The Greatest Contributor To Obesity

Obesity is a big problem in today’s society and the fact that people are increasingly gaining weight to levels that are detrimental to their health means that we could be staring at a calamity if this goes on unchecked. Most overweight people are never happy that they are overweight but they continue to remain so or even get bigger due to factors beyond their control. Doing exercises and eating less food (dieting) are the two most common methods that have been employed since time immemorial to control weight. However, most people find the two methods difficult and unbearable. Having determined that excessive eating is the greatest contributor to obesity, scientists developed the lap band. The lap band is able to regulate the level of food consumed and keep it within the recommended levels by regulating the expansion and relaxation of the stomach through constrictions.

That can then be transmitted to the brain as satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the amount of food taken. This therefore means that the device is able to remove any possibility of craving for more food once a certain amount of food has been consumed by “manipulating” the brain into believing that the stomach is well fed. The end result is that obese persons end up eating less food and therefore being able to reduce their weight in the process. At our facility, we continue to receive positive feedback from our clients who are usually able to go back to their desired weights within6-12 months of the surgery.

Our services are very affordable and you can also be able to benefit from our free consultation services in order to weigh your options and determine whether lap band surgery is the way to go. It is worth noting that our surgeons are well skilled and equipped to perform the surgeries with minimal risks and with minimal intrusion.

No matter how you look at it, obesity is not only costly to your health but also to your financial wellbeing. Studies have shown that on average, an obese person spends at least $1,500 more per annum on health as compared to people who are not overweight.

It is therefore more appropriate even in economic sense to have a lap band surgery once and be able to attain the right weight within months. Please take time to visit our website on http://www.lapbandsurgeryla.com/ and get to know more about us and how we can help you.